Escorted Tours

When deciding on a vacation, many prefer guided tours so they can avoid many of the problems and unexpected surprises that come with planning an itinerary without professional help. Here are the top four benefits of an escorted vacation.

Luxury Travel

Many travelers have hitchhiked and stayed in cheap hostels when they were young, however as we get older, most people want to enjoy a more luxurious and hassle-free vacation. When going on a cruise or staying at an all-inclusive resort, a traveler can relax while having the most memorable time, eating and drinking as much as they desire while basking in the warm sun. Everyone deserves a little luxury on their diet, as well as a worry-free experience they can remember for the rest of their lives.


While most travel destinations are safe, one should still be on the lookout wherever they go. To avoid problems, many opt to book a luxury vacation so they can avoid the petty theft that comes with riding on public transportation and walking around without a local guide. While thieves usually target wealthier people, most of the time they will not go into a hotel or expensive place that has hired security. 

Simply put, a person who wants to travel safely should consider a guided tour or cruise and purchase trip insurance.


With an escorted tour, a tourist will know what they are getting and will have specific people to hold accountable if things go awry. This is an excellent benefit as independent travelers unfortunately may not always be dealing with honest people. In fact, when going to a foreign country, many visitors will fall victim to overzealous salespeople who want to take advantage of foreigners. Luckily, at an all-inclusive destination or on a guided vacation, one will deal with honest staff who is not out to take their money.


When vacationing on a luxury cruise or guided vacation, one does not have to do much planning. They are the perfect option for the person who wants to sit by the pool or take guided shore excursions on beautiful islands or through ancient streets lined with boutique shops. Remember, most independent vacations are hectic as people try to coordinate running from one destination to the other, but with an escorted vacation or a cruise, a traveler can let the professionals do the work.

When booking, one should definitely consider an escorted vacation. Without a doubt, they offer plenty of benefits and will allow you to relax and enjoy your trip to the fullest.