Central America

Tucked into the mountains and hidden away in the caves of Central and South America is a veritable treasure trove of ancient mementos. From 600-year-old Machu Picchu to 29,000-year-old rock paintings, not to mention a site or two that constitute arguably the earliest evidence of human habitation in the world, Central and South America offer a literal tour of ancient history.

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Tropical Central America

Whether you’re an archaeology buff, an outdoor adventurer, or a partier in search of a good time, Central America presents so many diverse travel options that it’ll make your head spin. We’ll help you plan a memorable trip, starting with our highly opinionated lists of the best experiences the continent has to offer.

Experience breathtaking scenery, vibrant cities and exciting cultures as you explore the many destinations Central America has to offer. Discover ruins of the ancient Inca Empire in Peru, wander through the cloud forests of Costa Rica, and explore the colorful Amazon rainforest. Central America are also home to some of the world’s most exotic wildlife.