Viking Ocean Cruises Overview

On a Viking ship, you will sail into the heart of your destination, so you can explore up close and in depth. Created for curious, experienced travelers, every detail of a Viking voyage is designed to enrich and enhance your travel experience.


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Viking Ocean Cruises Destinations

Viking Ocean focuses more on the cultural enrichment experience, so you won’t find casinos, children, umbrella drinks or needless distractions onboard their ships. Instead, you will travel to intriguing and often little-known ports, enjoying ample time ashore, many overnight stays and an included excursion in each port of call.

Viking Ocean Cruises Ships

The size of Viking’s vessels—with just 930 guests—gives a greater maneuverability, allowing to dock where the mega-liners cannot, giving you more access to your destination and more time to explore. From the prime, central berths in the world’s great cities and seldom-visited ports, enriching discoveries are just a short walk from your ship. 

Viking Ship