Lindblad Expeditions Overview

In 1969, Lars-Eric launched the Lindblad Explorer, opening Antarctica to more adventurous travelers. Dog teams, once common, are no longer used on the continent. Regarded as the father of ecotourism, Lars-Eric was literally the first travel company owner to take travelers where only scientists had gone—the first to take citizen explorers to many destinations, including Antarctica and Galapagos, in 1966 and 1967, respectively. By believing that educated people who saw things with their own eyes would be a potent force for the preservation of the places they visited, he made his notions a powerful force for the good of conservation and restoration projects worldwide.

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Lindblad Expeditions Destinations

Their Alliance with National Geographic is a collaboration in exploration which provides guests with access to greater understanding of the regions they explore through research, technology and conservation programs. Guests experience extraordinary expeditions that you simply cannot find anywhere else and are supported by a passionate and dedicated expedition team. Their Naturalists and Historians are true experts in their fields.

Lindblad Expeditions Ships

The Lindblad fleet is 14 expedition ships sailing to the planet’s wildest and most interesting places, with the luxury of comfort and outfitted with tools to explore. Lindblad Expeditions has introduced 6 new ships over the past 5 years, including a new 26-suite ship in the Galápagos.