Meet Melinda

Independent Travel Advisor

From the time I was two-years old, my parents brought me into the world, starting with Caneel Bay Resort in St. John, V.I. to the Hotel Ollofson in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to many more islands in the Caribbean, to a road trip of 1,500 miles through Greece, including cruising Greek islands, and onto other locations in between and over the years!  We ventured far from typical tourist spots and explored the countries, cultures, and people.  These experiences have had a major impact on my life and perspective.  

As co-founder and educator of a small experientially based middle school, I plan field experiences and accompany students on many adventures, from local outdoor education activities within Connecticut and New England to international travel that includes sailing trips in the Bahamas, touring Spain, and educational exchange in Guatemala for immersive cultural and service learning. 

Another near-and-dear-to-my-heart activity is Pickleball!  I not only play, but also happen to be related (spouse) to one of the game’s original inventors (Pat’s Pickleball Party Planner publication will tell the full story, including food and cocktail recipes and tips to host Pickleball gatherings of all kinds)! Pickleball is a lot of fun to play, easy to learn, and accessible to people of various ages and levels of ability.  As this sport is fast growing and becoming popular worldwide, I am excited to launch Pickleball Vacation Adventures at Club Med and other destinations for groups to enjoy clinics with pros and lots of playing time in beautiful locations.

Travel is a way to tap into the parts of oneself yet to be discovered.  Experiencing something new, being able to truly relax, and be fully present allow for deeper awareness of oneself and one another, awakening the sense of wonder – this is some of the magic and beauty of what travel offers!

I am excited to bring my passion for travel and knowledge to All-Travel and Signature Travel Network.  I am thrilled at the opportunity to work with clients as a Signature Travel Expert travel adviser to offer customized travel planning and support to create meaningful and memorable experiences for families, couples, groups, and individuals.