Meet David

Vice President

My business journey actually began in the fashion industry, where I started at the luxury retailer Bonwit Teller in New York. After several years on the east coast,  I felt the pull of warmer weather and moved to California. There, I shifted my focus to children’s wear and became a buyer for the largest single-unit kidswear store in the country. This role sparked my interest in marketing, eventually leading me to a position as sales and marketing director for a Cherokee licensee of kidswear.

Despite my success in the fashion industry, my passion for travel and helping people realize their dreams inspired me to make a significant career change. Over the years, All-Travel’s sales and marketing strategies have grown and evolved dramatically. Like many agencies we initially relied on finding and servicing clients in our own backyard but with the advent of the internet, our world expanded to anyone with a computer and a desire to travel. 

We were an early adapter of the internet and started with a one-page website before AOL even existed! Over the years, we have grown steadily at a measured pace understanding that our web presence (including a collection of websites) needed to cater to the lowest common denominator of internet connectivity. We prioritized accessibility and ease of navigation. As broadband became the norm, our design and marketing strategies evolved accordingly. However, one principle has always remained constant: providing our customers with the highest level of personal service while offering tremendous value.

Our approach is not to hand you, our client, off to a booking engine. We want to talk with each and every one of you. Our marketing efforts are designed to create individual, ongoing, repeat relationships through consistent company-wide programs which provide consumer relevant information and follow-up. While our marketing initiatives may be non-traditional, our desire to maintain “traditional” levels of customer service remains, and are still the cornerstone of All-Travel.